Our company has been operating all over Poland for almost 30 years. We manufacture various types of car accessories such as radiator fluids, windscreen washer fluids, brake fluids, car shampoos, rim cleaners, engine and tools cleaners, distilled water, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). Besides, we trade in various chemicals.


We offer a range of services such as road transport, home and abroad. Our transport fleet consists of modern vehicles and our deliveries are always on time. We possess tilts and tankers with 12 to 24 tonne payload. Within the area of our plant there is a petrol station, a garage and tyre changing station.

The quality of our products and services has placed our Company in its current high position on the market. We promote quality and development. We introduce new products on the market.

We co-operate with many clients from all over Poland. Foreign clients from Germany, Holland, Sweden, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Latvia and Romania have also entrusted in us. Thanks to the close co-operation between our experts and our clients, our current offer meets the expectations of the most demanding clients.